Many items to choose from.  New merchandise every day.

 Don’t be afraid to buy used merchandise.

Ask about the Austintown Pawn warranty plan.

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We have many makes and models of all your favorite laptops.  Our trained staff restores every computer back to its original specs before they are placed out for sale.  This guarantees there is no personal information or virus hidden on the machines.  Most of our operating systems include Windows 8, Windows 10, and MacOS.

Our Major Brands Include:

  • Hewlett Packard (HP)
  • Dell
  • Gateway
  • Apple
  • Asus
  • Acer
  • Alien Ware
  • Toshiba


Our tool inventory has items for the everyday homeowner and construction crew alike.  Some items include sockets sets, drills, wrenches, levels, chainsaws, miter saws, circular saws, roofing nail guns, weed whackers, Lawn mowers, edgers, and more.

Musical Equipment

Our musical inventory includes items for all music enthusiast alike.  Whether you are just starting out or have been playing for years, a quality used instrument is the way to go.

  • Clarinets
  • Trumpets
  • Saxophones
  • Acoustic Guitars
  • Electric Guitars
  • Lead Amplifiers
  • Bass Amplifiers

Some our major manufacturers include:

  • Taylor
  • Gibson
  • Fender
  • Martin
  • Crate
  • Peavey



One of the best parts about shopping at our establishment

is that the prices are ALWAYS negotiable.